About us

The Satirical Theater “Aleko Konstantinov” is a unique cultural phenomenon with great influence and a special place in the theatrical life of Bulgaria.
It was founded in 1956 and became one of the most popular, loved and liberal-minded theaters in Sofia. In it the audience always feels as a desired and wanted friend and company. Humor – the strength of this theater- brings people closer and makes them feel as a community, which through art finds the will power to overcome the difficulties and chores of everyday life.

As a sole genre theater in Bulgaria, it is a precious aesthetic wealth. It is connected to the work of famous actors, dramaturgists, directors, musicians, artists. Bulgarian intellectuals of high class have formed its aesthetic criteria. They have created its unique portrait and have turned it into a favorite place for the audience. Besides the Bulgarian artists in it have staged performances directors from Russia, Romania, The Czech Republic, Serbia, France.
In the Satirical Theater have worked one of the most famous stars of theater and cinema: Georgi Kalojanchev, Georgi Parzalev, Grigor Vachkov, Stojanka Mutafova, Tatjana Lolova, Nikola Anastasov, Konstantin Kozev, Katja Paskaleva, Nevena Kokanova, Hindo Kasimov, Dimitar Manchev, Vasil Popov, Veli Chaushev, Svetoslav Peev and many others. Nowadays the prestigious name of the Satirata is successfully defended by a new generation of theatrical talents.

The theater has three stages. Two of them – the big stage “Stastliveza” and the small one “Metody Andonov” have access for disabled people. In its foyers often are organized exhibitions.

The Satirical Theater has been nominated 32 times in different categories for the most prestigious Bulgarian theatrical award “Askeer” and has won 13 prizes. It has many other national and international distinctions. We direct our talent and effort in satire, humor and laughter. Hence our faithful audience responds with love.
“I love this theater because of its sensitivity, rhythm and modernism. Its direct communication with the audience – a truly dynamic theater”.
Prof. Ljubomir Tenev

*The performances of the Satirical theater “Aleko Konstantinov” are recommended for people older than 12 years.